About Amedee

About The Island

Cruise for only 30-40 minutes aboard one of Mary D’s luxury vessels and you will arrive on the ‘secret’ Amedee Island where you will be welcomed by the South Pacific atmosphere of swaying palm trees, beautiful white sandy beaches and happy, smiling people.

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About The Lighthouse

In 1861, due to the many shipwrecks of boats entering the lagoon, Paris ordered a lighthouse to be built for Noumea. Mr. Rigolet, a French engineer from the Eiffel Tower workshops in Paris, started to work on this outstanding monument in 1862.

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Activities Available

Amedee Island provides a range of activities for all, including snorkelling, stand up paddle boarding, dance performance, coconut tree climbing, children’s playground, all-terrain Landeez wheelchair, boutique shopping, and many more.

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