Amedee Island

Amedee Island is a little paradise surrounded by crystal clear waters, pure white sandy beaches and a coral garden alive with wonderful tropical fish

Cruise for only 40 minutes onboard one of Mary D’s luxury vessels and you will land on the tropical Amedee Island where you will be welcomed by the South Pacific atmosphere of swaying palm trees, beautiful white sandy beaches and the smiling crew who will care of passengers for the whole trip.

Make yourself confortable on our deck-chairs to sunbathe, send a postcard home from the Amedee Lighthouse Post Office, the world’s smallest Post Office with its official obliteration, the Phare Amedee postmark on the stamp. Or perhaps you prefer shopping in our island boutique where you will find a wonderful selection of souvenirs to choose from, including T-shirts, caps, sarongs, key rings, sunglasses, ocean-friendly sunscreen and so much more…

Amedee Island and its surrounding waters have a fascinating variety of flora and fauna. In fact, the abundance of marine life prompted the local government to designate the Amedee Island as a special Marine Reserve dedicated to managing, preserving and increasing the number and variety of marine plants and animals. This is achieved, together with other measures, by prohibiting fishing, collecting or disturbing the sea creatures or their environment. Expect to be amazed by this spectacular reserve with its wealth and variety of marine flora and fauna. It is not surprising that in 2009 Amedee Island and the surrounding lagoon was classified on the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List!

Turtles Amedee Island