All bookings need to be confirmed by payment at least 48 hours prior to departure, either directly at our agency at Anse Vata or before you arrive by credit card. We accept all major credit cards, cash and foreign currency. You can also pay online.

Our tickets can be changed to another day without extra cost even on your departure day. Some promotional tickets are non refundable non transferable.

We offer a full refund at our Agency ! Some promotional tickets are non refundable non transferable.

You can take your baby  and your baby equipment – pram, pushchair and other necessities. On the island there is plenty of shade for you and your baby, and our staff can help you heat up your baby food before mealtimes.

Our staff will of course help handicapped or wheelchair-bound people to board and disembark. Currently we do not have toilets with wheelchair access but again, our friendly staff are there to help if needed. We offer an all-terrain wheel chair free of charge for use on the island.

The hire of masks, snorkels and flippers/fins is available at our shop for 1000 CFP full day and a deposit of 1000 CFP is required.

Yes. You can shower on the island after your swim but please be aware that fresh water is limited so please save water when showering.

No, it is not possible to hire these on the island, but you can hire stand up paddle boards (500F per hour).

It is not advisable to do so as we do not have a security boat in the event of an accident but you can hire stand up paddles on the island– ask at the boutique.

Yes, wetsuits and dive slippers are available for hire on the island.

No. Nobody except the lighthouse keeper is authorised to stay on the island overnight.

The ‘tricots rayés’ are local sea snakes in New Caledonia. They can be deadly but fortunately they are not aggressive creatures if left alone.

We can make an announcement over the microphone during lunch and our beautiful dancers will invite him for a local island dance during the show.

Yes. Our bar is open all day except during lunchtime.

We have a boutique on the island where you can buy souvenir T-shirts and sarongs, postcards, stamps and other souvenirs, sun cream, batteries and other things that you may need. We have suncream respecting corals available for free on the island !

Yes. You can safely leave your luggage on our boat during your trip.

You can buy bottled water at the bar. Otherwise during the meal, drinking water is provided.

No. We only operate one trip per day. For your information the Amedee island is 24 km from Noumea.

We operate 5-6 times per week on a regular basis on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and sometimes other days of the week. Please ask when you book.

Yes, we welcome disabled persons and offer free all-terrain wheelchair use during the day (boat and island access). Please ask for more details when you book.

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